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Zoom on the Harica eIDAS qualified seal

There are several reasons why you may want to sign your PDFs with a qualified eIDAS certificate: obtain tax recognition for your invoices (in France and if the signature is accompanied by a timestamp), obtain native recognition on Adobe Acrobat Reader for all documents intended for an external use (quotes, product sheets, etc.), generate the documents necessary for your remote procedures, etc.

This is what the Harica eIDAS qualified seal offers you.

This certificate, installed on a remote HSM at the authority, is accessible in SaaS mode (via a simple API) and allows you to sign your PDFs automatically.

The bonus: The signatures made by the qualified eIDAS seals are natively recognized by Adobe Acrobat Reader and also comply with the European eIDAS standard.


To obtain this certificate, a subscription form must be signed by the legal representative with a qualified eIDAS ID certificate.

The certificate

Find all the technical information specific to the Harica eIDAS qualified seal on our comparison chart.

Pricing conditions

Beyond the price of the certificate itself, the eIDAS seal may be subject to additional pricing which varies according to the monthly volume of signatures made.

Signature prices

Monthly volumes Signature unitary price (GBP VAT-less)
from 1 to 500 FREE
from 501 to 1500 0,078
from 1 501 001 to 5 000 0,067
from 5 001 to 10 000 0,056
from 10 001 to 20 000 0,045
beyond 0,034

Time stamping

Signing your documents with the qualified eIDAS seal does not include a times tamping service, however Harica offers an optional timestamping service.

This offer involves bulk purchase of tokens. One token can be used to make one time stamping operation.

Number of token by bulk (1) Bulk price Token unitary price (GBP VAT-less)
1 000 60 0,060
illimité 4 720 -

(1): Tokens are valid for a year

(1): See FAQ : eIDAS/RGS: Which certificate for your e-government processes? .
(2): Indicative delivery times that can be impacted by occasional disruptions. Consult the up-to-date situation of each supplier.
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